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 מתאמת נסיעות עסקיות אונליין עם איש עסקים

Online Business Travel Agent

Changes the way businesses travel!

Planning & Managing a Fast Business Trip. Personal. In a Click.

For Traveler, coordinator & CEO

24/7 Agent service & support 

וקטור מטוס


Business Trip in Click

BUTTERFLiES Planning Engine will plan your entire Business trip, tailored to your personal needs. Flights, Trains, Hotels, Car, Insurance. In less then 1 min and 1 click!

Simply enter your MEETING location and schedule

& ButterfliesClub will build a book the full Itinerary!

1trip 1 click
Your butterflies
Why Do Businesses Fly with Butterflies?

So smart So simple!

וקטור של סוכן נסיעות אונליין
24/7 travel agent support

Enjoy the personal expert agent

support for changes, billing,

and any service, after booking.

Operated by Ofakim Travel.

וקטור של יומן לתכנון נסיעות אונליין
1 Trip 1 Click

The only Door 2 Door full trip plan and book platform.  All in 1 itinerary:

Flights, trains, hotels, cars,

insurance, meeting schedule, and ground trip map.

וקטור של דולרים הממחיש חסכון בכסף לתכנון נסיעה עסקית אונליין
שעון שולחני הממחיש חסכון בזמן לתכנון נסיעה עסקית אונליין
Save Time & Money

Manage all your business’ travel on a free,

single online platform, tailored for businesses. Powered by the only personalized, meeting based, full itinerary trip planning Algorithm

Enjoy the world’s smartest business Trip planner

With all the advantages of a Personal Travel Agent.

לוגו של חברת אופקים
Dedicated travel agent support by the professionals of “Ofakim”

A professional business travel agent

is informed immediately on any booking. Providing after booking services for ticketing, changes, billing.

וקטור גרף
Reduce your TCT 
Total Cost of Travel

Our algorithm is the only 1 that  minimizes total cost of travel for the corporate, while optimizing Traveler’s time Utilization & Comfort & Reliability of itinerary

וקטור מיקום של עיר בעולם
Meetings Based Trip Planning: Where & When you need to be.

No more tedious searching & matching flights to your needs. Our Engine builds FULL itineraries, in 1 Click, only based  on where and when you need to be.

A perfect fit for your needs

Our planning algorithm is based not only on your meetings’ location and schedule, but also your home address, Frequent Flyer, Ground Travel, total time on the roads, connections and more. You just need to relax and be at your best.

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מערכת לתכנון נסיעה עסקית אונליין

Get a free business account now!

save time & money!

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Send a registration request

וקטור מיקום מטוס

We will contact you to set up account in 24 hours

וקטור מיקום מטוס

Update your passenger details & start booking

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